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Director's (International Affairs) Message

All of us-whether we know it or not and whether we like it or not are shaped by the cultural heritage from which we evolve. You, the students of AIMS belong to the younger generation, a generation soon to enter the mainstream of life. The education that you receive in this esteemed establishment will give you a special place, a place of leadership in society. Not many are privileged to have access to higher education.


India gives you your values and heritage; Foreign Education will give you the opportunities to express yourself. Not many traditional societies allow strangers to make good. you must always search for excellence. This quest is something that must guide you.

Young Indians today have perhaps better role models and examples than many other nationalities. Some twenty five million people of Indian origin live outside India. The total economic product of the global NRI community is equal to the gross domestic product of India each year.

We must learn from each other. That is why AIMS always encourages Foreign College and Universities to form Partnerships with us so that you can gain from this exchange.

AIMS is in the category of Professional Institute intended for fulfilling the requirements of the Maritime Sector. Ability to establish and develop a critical mass of activities in the maritime sector is the primary object of AIMS. All activities need not be in a single location but should be distributed across different locations in the country, which have the comparative advantages to facilitate the best possible education and training in a given area of specialization. The structure and content of the programmes leading to different levels of qualification of the personnel engaged in the maritime sector can be uniquely addressed by the AIMS unconstrained by the limitations of the general purpose universities. The up-gradation of courses, revision of syllabi, introduction of new courses, adoption of new methods of technology enabled learning, including regular class room instruction, virtual classes, distance learning etc, will be facilitated by the Institute. The regulations governing the programmes for various qualifications can be customized to meet the particular needs of the industry and the international organizations. Similarly the Institute can develop its own transparent admission policy for its programmes to cater to the profiles of the beneficiaries serving the maritime industry.

At AIMS, we invest our efforts and resources in creating the best facilities for academics, practical skill and character development of our students. We are forging our strategic tie-up with Leading British College / Universities. Since inception, we have upgraded our educational resources and training facilities to unprecedented levels. We remain committed to sustaining our efforts in developing AIMS into a world class educational institution in Konkan Region.

I invite you to take this journey towards excellence and self-fulfillment with us at AIMS. I offer you my best wishes for a glorious, rewarding career.

Ian Lennox
Director - International Affairs

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