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  1. Change heading of Buy Prospectus Online to ONLINE APPLICATION

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I hereby declare that all the information furnished in this application is true & correct to the best of my knowledge & belief. The original certificate will be produced for verification at the time of admission.  In the event of any information furnished by me is found to be incorrect or false, I agree to rejection / termination of the admission and forgo any claim whatsoever. I undertake and agree that neither I nor my executors, administrators or any other legal representative will make any claim against the authorities of Aarna Institute of Maritime Studies (AIMS) or against any person in the service of Aarna Institute of Maritime Studies (AIMS) in respect of any loss or injury to the property or person  injury resulting in death which the said student may suffer while the said student is/or in consequence of the said student undergoing training at Aarna Institute of Maritime Studies (AIMS). In case the applicant withdraw from the course before commencement of the course or does not report on the day of commencement of course. I shall not ask for any refund or transfer of any fees. I also understood that Aarna Institute of Maritime Studies (AIMS) is not having any responsibility if any students/ parents / guardians paying any money to any agents or any persons for admission of job. I have understood the rules & regulations mentioned in the prospectus / website of the Institute. Any Disputes are subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.

I Agree *

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